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Caring for the smiles of your children begins with always being there to help your children keep their teeth clean on a daily basis. Excellent oral health habits begin as soon as the first tooth erupts above them gum line when a child is roughly 6 months of age. For the next 5 or so years, it will be up to the caregiver to ensure the oral health of the child is adequately met.

Keeping your child’s smile in great shape begins with optimum tooth brushing tactics. Always make sure your child’s toothbrush is clean and never used by anyone else. Ensure it has strong, yes soft bristles that will not damage their teeth and gums. In addition, look for a toothpaste that meets the standards set forth by the American Dental Association or products that have been recommended or approved by your child’s pediatrician.

Before the child is one year of age, bring them in to see their pediatrician for a complete diagnosis of their oral health. Also, make sure the child continues to consume healthy foods and drinks and avoid sugary products or hard substances that can break or crack their teeth. As long as you are brushing their teeth twice per day, their chances of tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities will remain low.

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