Do you have chipped, worn down, or misshapen teeth? If you wish to restore the appearance of your smile, ask Dr. Lynn Leyde about dental bonding in Shoreline, Washington. Dental bonding is the procedure by which our dentist applies tooth-colored resin materials to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. The material will bond into place. Our dentist may use dental bonding to:

• Repair decayed teeth
• Repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
• Improve the color of badly stained teeth
• Close the spaces between teeth
• Improve the length of teeth
• Change the shape of teeth
• Protect tooth roots that have been exposed by receding gums

Dental bonding has many advantages for you and your smile. Dental bonding is an easy, inexpensive cosmetic dental treatment. Unlike dental veneers and dental crowns, bonding can be done in just one appointment unless multiple teeth are involved. Dental bonding does not require as much tooth enamel removal as dental crowns and dental veneers. Unless the dental bonding material is being used to treat a cavity, anesthesia is usually not needed.

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