Dental inlays and onlays are used when there is not enough tooth structure left to support a dental filling, but the tooth is not damaged enough to need a dental crown. Dr. Lynn Leyde is excited to offer inlays and onlays in Shoreline, Washington. Inlays are like dental fillings, but all of the work lies within the cusps, or bumps, on the chewing surface of the tooth. Onlays are more extensive, covering one or more cusps on the chewing surface of the tooth. Onlays are often called partial crowns.

To place a dental inlay or onlay, our dentist will first remove any tooth decay or old dental fillings. Impressions of the tooth and the nearby teeth are taken so that your dental inlay or onlay can be constructed. Our dentist may place a temporary filling to protect your tooth while your dental inlay or onlay is being prepared. When the inlay or onlay is ready, our dentist will remove the temporary filling and check the fit of your inlay or onlay. After any necessary adjustments are made, our dentist will permanently cement your dental inlay or onlay into place.

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