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Are you seeking a solution to fix your frontal teeth? Well, look no further! Here at Dr. Lynn Leyde’s dental office, we provide the wonderful solution of dental veneers. We can fix a chipped, misshapen, stained, or discolored tooth to give you a brighter and more confident smile.

Typically made of porcelain, dental veneers cover your original frontal tooth as a customized artificial tooth specified to the shape, color, and bite of your smile. They not only help the look but the strengthening and resistance of hard foods causing damage. Visit your dentist today to determine which shape and color is best for you.

After your initial visit, a temporary veneer may be placed while you wait for your new dental veneer to be returned. Your next appointment will include a thorough cleaning of the tooth and veneer (which are left to air dry), a very small amount of tooth enamel removed to prepare an attachable surface, and then adhesive added onto the tooth before the veneer is placed.

The new tooth is then cured with a special light for a minute before removing superfluous materials and given a final polish. Be sure to make a final appointment with Professional Dental Care to look for any defects or leftover materials to ensure the best fit and comfortability. Call our dentist office in Shoreline, Washington, at 206-546-8377 today for a better and brighter smile!