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As you may know, some very popular foods could lead to problems with your breath. For that reason—along with a few others—millions of people tend to use breath mints and chewing gum to freshen breath. While these are useful options, they only mask bad breath without addressing the root of the problem. If you’re interested in improving your breath, you may want to consider using mouthwash.

You probably know that many foods can cause bad breath. Typically, these are foods with strong flavors, such as garlic, coffee, or onions. Eating these foods can have an immediate effect, and chewing gum or using a breath mint can offer you relief. However, if you find yourself trying to cover your breath constantly, you may need to address a deeper issue.

Fortunately, while chewing gum and breath mints can cover up bad breath, mouthwash can actually help you fight against the problems that cause bad breath. Mouthwash can also be especially useful if you’ve already been diagnosed with gum disease or tooth decay. Of course, mouthwash is most useful when used with brushing and flossing. 

However, while adding mouthwash to your usual oral routine can be helpful, please note that there are several types of mouthwash, and not all of them may be right for you. We recommend speaking with our dentist, Dr. Lynn Leyde before you decide on the best mouthwash for you.

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