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Make the most of the new year by focusing on your oral health, and making the effort for a wonderful smile that lasts all year long, and many more to come. Your teeth and gums will always provide you with the support you desire from them as long as you give them a small amount of attention required to keep them healthy and effective.

If you need some additional tips on what you can do to protect your oral health, here are a few reminders:

– Always protect your teeth and gums, especially when playing contact sports or other extreme high-risk activities.
– Always make sure to floss daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
– Always avoid bad habits that can damage your teeth and gums, such as smoking or chewing tobacco.
– Always make sure to brush your teeth and gums twice daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
– Always make sure to visit your dentist at Professional Dental Care for your regularly scheduled oral exams and professional cleanings.
– Always make sure to brush your tongue to prevent bad breath.
– Always make sure to practice safe and effective oral hygiene habits to the best of your ability.

Follow these guidelines, and the risk for oral accidents or injury can drastically decrease. To learn more, or to book an appointment with Dr. Lynn Leyde please call our office at 206-546-8377. Our office is situated in Shoreline, Washington. Stop by this year and we will help make your smile last a lifetime.