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When Dr. Lynn Leyde cemented your crown in place it was intended to restore the tooth for a very long time. Unfortunately, there are times when something like a hard fall, blow to the face, or gum disease can damage a crown or the abutment anchoring it in place. If you have a crown or abutment that is damage you should call Dr. Lynn Leyde as soon as possible to have it addressed.

If for some reason you can’t reach Dr. Lynn Leyde, there are a few things you can do to help manage the problem. It’s important that you don’t play with the damaged crown with your tongue or chew food on that side of your mouth. The more you manipulate a damaged crown the more likely you are to harm the abutment anchoring it into your mouth. If the abutment isn’t damaged, Dr. Lynn Leyde might be able to simply replace the damaged crown with a new one.

If a fall or blow to the face loosened the crown and you have blood or debris in your mouth you can gently rinse the area with salt water. Any other cleaning that needs to be done should be left to your dentist.

If the abutment broke off at the gum line you will usually see some of it inside the crown. In a situation like this Dr. Lynn Leyde might need to perform a root canal, before a new crown can be anchored in place.

If you have a damaged crown or abutment, you need to call Dr. Lynn Leyde at 206-546-8377 to schedule an appointment to have it repaired as soon as possible.