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Going to the dentist on a regular basis can easily be something you write off as less important than other activities you have going on in your life. Often, it’s hard to fit an appointment into your busy day, which is something our team here at Professional Dental Care in Shoreline, Washington, completely understands.

However, the truth is that you just can’t afford to miss your regular appointments with Dr. Lynn Leyde. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

Prevents cavities

The foremost reason you can’t miss your regular dental checkups is due to the fact that they provide a great opportunity for Dr. Lynn Leyde to check your mouth for cavities. Between X-rays and manual inspection, she can detect cavities before you’re able to feel them. This allows Dr. Lynn Leyde to fill the cavity before it causes any long-term damage to your oral health.

Tartar removal

Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is obviously a good oral health habit to have, but even regular brushing and flossing can’t remove all the plaque from your mouth. It’s fairly common to have a bit of plaque in harder-to-reach areas of your mouth harden, turning into what’s called tartar. Tartar can only be removed by trained dental professionals, and if you leave it for too long it’ll cause gum disease and cavities.

While it may be hard to find the time to squeeze in a dentist appointment, it’s something you absolutely must make time for. To schedule your next cleaning, call us today at 206-546-8377.